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Blog Calendar Reload: list your Joomla articles by date.

Blog Calendar Reload is a set of component + module to list your Joomla's articles by date. The module displays a calendar or a dates list pointing to the blog calendar component which ouputs the articles listed by date.

The result is an articles list in blog layout by descending date totally integrated with your joomla site. With the Blog Calendar module your visitors can select a date to show all articles written on that date, also they can select a full month and the list will show all articles published on that month.

DOWNLOAD BLOG CALENDAR RELOAD v1.7.2 Beta (for joomla 3.+. This is a beta version and it is not recommended for production sites.).

DOWNLOAD BLOG CALENDAR RELOAD v1.6.9 (for joomla 2.5+)

DOWNLOAD BLOG CALENDAR RELOAD v1.5.8 (for joomla 1.5+. BlogCalendar for joomla 1.5 is in "support only for security bugs" mode, not new features or other type of bugs/problems will be attended)

How to use

In order to use this extension you have to install both, the component and the module. Since version 1.6.2 both are installed in the same proccess so you have to download BlogCalendar and install it through joomla extension installer. In prior versions you have to unzip the package and install the module and the component separately..

Once installed you are ready to use it. Follow these steps:

  1. Create a menu item of BlogCalendar type. Configure the options as you wish. Pass the mouse over each one to see a explanation.
  2. Take note of the menu Id number.
  3. Create a BlogCalendar module and configure it as you wish. Pass the mouse over each option to see a explanation. The most important configuration parameter is the "associated menu Id"; you have to enter here the previous anoted menu id. This association is made because the module will take the configuration of the menu regarding categories and dates used to search the articles database.
  4. Repeat the process if you want other calendar with different configuration. For example, you can have a pair of menu-module to show BlogCalendar for Category 1 and 2 and other pair of menu-module only for Category 3.
  5. If you have questions visit Shikle Joomla Extensions.

IMPORTANT: Blog Calendar component uses the joomla core css selectors for blog layout. If your template dosen't support those css selectors there won't be style applied to Blog Calendar component.

For example, when you open the default.php template file of BlogCalendar component, you can see a first div with class="blog", this is the class used also by com_content in blog layout. Most templates devolopers overrides the com_content output and add their own css selectors. For example RocketTheme uses class="rt-blog" instead class="blog". You can fix following those steps:

  • Create this folder: "templates/YOUR_TEMPLATE/html/com_blog_calendar/blogcalendar/"
  • Copy the file "components/com_blog_calendar/views/blogcalendar/tmpl/default.php" under the previous folder.
  • Edit the file "templates/YOUR_TEMPLATE/html/com_blog_calendar/blogcalendar/default.php" adding the classes for blog layout used by your template. More info about joomla output override in "Understanding Joomla Output Overrides".
  • You can add your own CSS file for calendar module under "templates/YOUR_TEMPLATE/html/mod_blog_calendar/style.css". Since version 1.7.0 (joomla 3.0), BlogCalendar uses Bootstrap selectors which should be supported by all Joomla templates, so, BlogCalendar doesn't load own CSS files anymore.

Looking for support? Do you have questions? Visit Shikle Joomla Extensions in Google Groups

Versions for joomla 1.5 are no more supported. Only security updates wil be made for BlogCalendar for joomla 1.5.