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CB reCaptcha

Stop spam with CB reCaptcha. This Community Builder plugin shows reCaptcha widget on registration and password/username reminder forms.

DOWNLOAD CB reCaptcha 1.2.2 (For CB 1.8.+)


  • Install the plugin using community builder plugin interface.
  • Go to GB plugin management and configure the plugin.
  • The first option in CB reCaptcha is what type of widget you want to use. There are two options: reCaptcha (service provided by Google) or myCaptcha (generated on your server, GD graphics library must be installed on your server).

Params for reCaptcha mode

  • Enter your public and private key from
  • Optional: set the language and theme of reCaptcha widget. The language's code must be in two letters format: en for english, es for spanish, pt for portuguese, etc.
  • Use SSL connection to reCaptcha server. If you display reCaptcha in a page over SSL, you must be sure to set this to true.

Params for myCaptcha mode

  • All the params for myCaptcha mode make reference to image colours and size. I think those params don't need explanation as they are really easy to use. If you have any question visit the discussion group.
  • Save the configuration and plubish CB reCapthca plugin.
  • After plugin configuration, go to CB tab management, and publish CB reCaptcha tab. Here you can set the order on registration form.
  • Now you (and all of your visitors) will have to enter the security code to proceed with registration or password/username reminder.