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Content: Google Adsense or any other ads into your joomla content

ContentAds is a joomla 1.6 and joomla 1.7 plugin intended to make easy insert Google adsense into your content. Also you can insert the code of other ads service and any kind of html code.

DOWNLOAD CONTENTADS 1.0.4 (Compatible with joomla 1.6/1.7/2.5/3.0+)


  • Install the plugin using joomla installer.
  • Go to plugins management and configure the plugin.
  • Publish the plugin and save configuration.

Well, let's go to take a view of params:

  • Before content ads: Enter the code of the ad you want to display before content, just bellow the title and before article info.
  • Content top ads: Enter the code of the ad you want to display just after the article info and before article text.
  • Inside content ads: This ads will be displayed between article text. ContentAds pulgin will count the number especified of parragraphs and the insert the ad.
  • Content bottom ads: This ads will be displayed at the bottom of the content, just after the article text.
  • After content ads: This ads will be displayed after the content.
  • Each one of the ad positions is embeded in a div and the css for each one can be set through plugin configuration.
  • "Content top", "content bottom" and "inside content" positions only works in article view.
  • Only guest: Select yes if you want to display the ads only for guests.
  • Exclude article: enter comma separated, the id of the articles where you don't want to display ads. Do the same with the next param for categories.
  • Block IPs: enter, comma separated, the IPs for which the ads won't be displayed.
  • Author ids: you can enter a list, comma separated, of authors ids. The ads will be displayed only if the article has been wrritten for one of this authors.
  • Only templates: enter the name of the templates where the ads will be active, levae empty to show the ads in all templates.