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MetaGenerator: Auto keywords and description meta tags from joomla content

MetaGenerator plugin automatically generates title, description, keywords meta tags by pulling text from joomla content. And now it also generates canonical url meta tag (Currently only for com_content in article, category and section view).

DOWNLOAD METAGENERATOR 2.0.4 (for Joomla 2.5)
Download metagenerator 1.2.9 (for Joomla 1.5. No more supported.)


  • Install the plugin using joomla installer.
  • Go to plugins management and Select the params you want.
  • Publish the plugin and save configuration.

Metagenerator creates metatags when the page is loaded and dosen't store anything on database.

I think that the config of this plugin is really easy, anyway if you need help visit the discussion group.

Some words about cononical url mea tag: I've added the option to auto add canonical url meta tag. Currently only for com_content in article view. There is a param to enter your site url like If you leave this param empty the canocial url will be relative to your site but after reading about canonical url in google webmasters blog I prefer absolute url. The reason is that if the canonical url is relative google will resolve it according to the base url meta tag which is not appropiate for Metagenerator (I said before that if you leave blank this param the url generated is relative to your site and not to the base url).