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Scontent: Vote Up/ Vote Down, bookmark and tagging joomla articles.

Scontent is a joomla plugin + joomla module.

Scontent plugin provide a vote up or vote down (like or unlike) buttons, bookmark and share widget from addthis, a list of clicktosearch words taken from the article's keywords, a "quote this" widget and a widget to flag/report abuse for the current article.

Scontent module shows a list of best or worst articles based on the votes count from the plugin.

Download SCONTENT 1.1.3 For Joomla 2.5

Download SCONTENT 1.0.4 For Joomla 1.5 (Scontent for joomla 1.5 is not supported any more)


  • Download and unzip the file.
  • Install the plugin and the module using joomla installer.
  • Configure and publish the plugin.
  • Configure and publish the module.


Scontent Plugin

I'm going to describe each one of the params to configure the plugin in the order they are in joomla 2.5 version. The params are in different order in joomla 1.5 version but the meaning and use is the same.

  • Display location: Choose the position where you want to display the plugin: After the title, after content or before content.
  • For registered users only: If you select YES only registered users will can vote.
  • Voting limits: Select how often the same user can vote: always, once, once a day, once every one, two or three weeks, or once a month.
  • Display on: Here you can choose in which views of com_content the plugin will be enabled: in frontpage, blog view, article view or all of them.
  • Follow the previous option, each one of the buttons can be set to be enabled only in article view. For example, if you set "Display on all views", the plugin will be enable in blog view but maybe you want to display only vote results and share button in blog view, so you'll have to set the rest of buttons to "Enable only in articles".
  • Buttons style: Set this option to "icons only" if you don't want to show a text string beside the button image. You can customize the text using joomla language manager and the image using the css file included in the plugin package.
  • Show vote buttons in blog/featured view?: Set to "No" if you want only vote results, and no vote buttons, in blog view.
  • Enable bookmark and sharing?: When it is set to yes Addthis widget will be added to plugin.
  • AddThis account: enter here your addthis id. If you leave it empty the bookmark widget will work but you won't have access to addthis statistics service.
  • Show article's keywords as tags?: When this option is set to "yes", a clickable list of keywords will be created from the keywords of the article. The tags will be pointing to joomla search component.
  • Search menu Itemid: I you have a menu for joomla com_search component enter here the menu's Itemid. Fully recomend if you use SEF url.
  • Allow flagging?: If "yes", the users of your site will can report abuse if the they think an article is not following the rules of your site. Very useful for sites where users can submit content or with a lot of authors.
  • Disable guest flagging?: If it is set to yes and a guests click the "report abuse" button a messge prompting to login will appear.
  • How many reports before auto unpublish the content?: You can enter here a number of reports which will cause the article be unpublished automatically if reached. Enter 0 (zero) to deactivate this function.
  • Show Captcha?: If "yes" or "only for guests", the "report abuse" will require captcha code validation.
  • Show ''Quote this'' button?: This option enable "quote this" feature. When click on "quote" button, a text box is created containing the html code with a link to the article and a brief description of it.
  • Length of quote text: Enter the max length of the description created for "quote this" function.
  • Enable AlphaUserPoints Integration?: Scontent plugin can work with AlphaUserPoints for vote actions. You must enable this option and create two rules in AlphaUserPoints backend. Follow this steps:
    1. Go to the AUP admin and click on "Rules"
    2. Click "New" to create a new rule:
    3. For "Plugin type" use: plg_scontent.
    4. For "Unique function name" use one of the following options: plgaup_scontent_voteup or plgaup_scontent_votedow
    5. For "Points" use positive or negative values depending on the action
    6. Set "Fixed points" to "yes"
    7. Set "Published" to "yes"
    8. Set "Auto approve" to "yes"
    9. Click "Save & Close"
  • Domain of your site: enter here the domain of your joomla site. It must be in the format and must include the joomla instalation directory if joomla is not installed in the main directory of your site (example:,, etc).
  • Name of the template: starting in 1.1.0 version you can build your own template for the plugin, you will have full control of the appearance but not only the css. Under the folder plugins/content/scontent/assets/tmpl you can place your template. Take a look to the default template to see how it works.
  • Disable categories, disable sections and disable articles: For each one enter the ids, separated by comma, of sections, categories or articles where you want to deactivated scontent plugin.
  • Check DB table: This option must be YES until the first vote is stored. After one vote has been sent, the database is created and I recomend set this option to NO in order to don't check if the database exists each time a user votes. This recomendation will increase the preformance of scontent.
  • Remove database tables: THIS OPTION MUST BE "NO" unless you want the scontent's database tables be dropped, for example if you are going to uninstall the plugin forever, set this option to yes and the tables in database created by scontent will be removed the next loading cycle of scontent plugin. So, if you want to delete those tables you must set this option to yes and load any page in the frontend where scontent plugin is enabled. If this option is "YES", but also "Check database" is YES, database will be removed and created again losing all votes stored. So if you want to remove scontent's database tables permanently you must set "Remove vote table" to "YES" and "Check database" to "NO".

Scontent Module

  • Count: Enter the number of results to show in the module.
  • Order: You can choose if the module will show the best or the worst articles based on the results of user's votes.
  • Frontpage items: Show or hide frontpage articles.
  • Sections Id: Enter the ids, comma separated, of the sections where the articles will be taken from. Leave blank to show articles from all sections.
  • Categories Id: Enter the ids, comma separated, of the categories where the articles will be taken from. Leave blank to show articles from all categories.